Seán Auciello-Dwyer

Hello - I am Seán Auciello-Dwyer, a multidisciplinary designer, where my interests span Art Direction, Experiential Design, Product Design/Development, Materials Design, and 3D Visualization. My design journey has been rich, varied, and full of character, driven by a relentless pursuit of perspectives that both challenge and captivate.


Kroger Tech & Digital
Enerpac Tool Group
Invisible North
Leapfrog Brands
Atelier Sruli Recht
Huge Design Entreprenurial Co-op




Seán’s Work  ↓

Hoka Storm Chasers are a pair of advanced ultra-marathon focused trail running shoes inspired by the extreme forces of nature.
TJB X Tom Sachs is a concept partnership between The James Brand and artist Tom Sachs.
The Arch Black Horse is a branded concept bike designed for the post-autonomous future and culture of the southern California region. 
The ALIVEFORM Bio-Heatsync is a first of its kind 3D printed athletic wear series designed for and in partnership with ALIVEFORM, a Japanese street and techwear brand known for its innovative 3D printed footwear. The apparel utilizes an internal 3D printed heatsync and laser cut pattern that channels airflow in and through the body's heat-zones as the athlete runs, causing rapid cooldown and recovery. 

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