Sydney Wang

Hi, I'm Sydney! As a UX designer with roots in industrial design, I specialize in creating interfaces with empathy, meticulous attention to detail, and a broad vision. I enjoy crafting experiences that transform everyday interactions into moments of connection, discovery, joy, and lasting memories.


Chamberlain Group
BMF Media
Frontgate x2




Sydney’s Work  ↓

Terra is a mobile app designed to support first-time moms through their pregnancy and prepare them for their postpartum journey  |  Capstone
Polestar O2 is a future mobility system designed for UC medical campus. It features a central hub, where an information kiosk helps users navigate the hub and the entire medical campus.
SecureU is a school security system under Chamberlain Group, responding to various emergency situations and ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.
Bambi is a mobile app aiming to make carbon tracking effortless and fun. It empowers users to contribute to Earth's protection and cultivate a greener lifestyle.

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