Sophie Walden

I'm a designer motivated by a passion for learning and helping others. I'm always eager to connect with new people, expand my knowledge, and grow personally and professionally. My main goal is to empathize with users and create meaningful solutions. I'm dedicated to making a positive impact through my work and actions. When I’m not in the studio, you will usually find me in the air catching an ultimate frisbee disc, trail riding on my Onewheel, or exploring the outdoors.


Priority Designs 
Livewell Collaborative 
Kinetic Vision 
Garmin 2x




Sophie’s Work  ↓

Beti is an insulin pump that helps younger people who have diabetes track and manage their glucose levels while building a strong supportive community.
Kira is an electric kitchen composter that explores an engaging solution to reduce food waste. Kira includes an interactive app that gamifies composting to teach and encourage users to compost.
A conceptual design of a new Quip razor line that is universal and ergonomic.
Sketch render challenge of a Roku smart home device.

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