Nika Umnov

Hey there, I'm Nika! As a curious person by nature, I've explored all different fields of design, from exhibit to furniture to outdoor gear. I love the whole process of designing, and enjoy innovating on current processes, as well as learning new ones. My design philosophy is to create products that serve a greater purpose for the user, while not neglecting aesthetics and functionality. 


Westrock x2
Chamberlain Group
Rapid Prototyping Center




Nika’s Work  ↓

Ghost: An experimental table created out of recycled fabric and homemade bioplastic.
Section_001: A collection of 3D printed park furniture created for a local real estate company.
POV: An interactive exhibit designed for TU Delft Science Center to teach children and adulta about the point of view of animals
SVIT: A collection of lamps that serve as ethnographic artifacts, educating people on the culture of Ukraine, as well as ways to help.

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