Nick Schmitt

Hey there! My name is Nick Schmitt. As an Industrial Designer, I strive to create products with character. I am passionate about finding the design solution that stands out from the crowd and I love diving into the details of a project. I hope my work brings users a sense of wonder, excitement, and joy!


Huffy x3




Nick’s Work  ↓

Sanitation Savanna is a trend research based design proposal revolving around hygiene, and how it can be improved in a classroom setting, by creating hand sanitizer dispensers with animalistic form language and positive audio feedback.
Huffy Moto 7 is a personal project, completed during my first coop at Huffy, that focuses on creating initial design concepts and CAD development for a proposed E-bike product line with unique design language.
MSB or "modular snap bag" involves deep diving into various physical manufacturing techniques to create a final modular bag system that allows users to go between a smaller everyday carry bag or large backpack configuration.
For my capstone, I created a hybrid work and play space for kids and parents, themed to a seaside beach town to tackle the lack of third spaces available outside

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