Marcelo Roman

I found my passion for design by being curious about the world around me from a young age and appreciating the craft of other creators. I aim to design and fabricate bespoke products that focus on quality. I also have a deep passion for all things automotive; I am captivated by classic car restoration and modification, and the beauty within the machinery.


1819 makerspace
Z Car Guy Cincinnati x2




Marcelo’s Work  ↓

TIG Welded Aluminum Chair - Exploration in metalwork and chair design.
Z Car Guy Cincinnati - Datsun 240z restoration shop.
Toyota 7 Turbo x CallisonRTKL - Full-size remotely operated track-car concept inspired by architectural brand CallisonRTKL.
Audi Quattro E-tron Concept - Enthusiast vehicle designed to integrate with future cities.

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