Katie Rieth

Hello! My name is Katie, I unite my end-end design background and resourcefulness to increase efficiency through creative design solutions and produce unique consumer experiences.


Remote Vans x2 
Murphy Cramer Design




Katie’s Work  ↓

Remote Vans: At Remote Vans, I had a variety of responsibilities: designing van concepts using Fusion 360, crafting cabinetry with V-Carve/CNC, rapid prototyping, and collaborating with external partners.
Mondo Esterno: A hypothetical case study undertsanding the relationsip between small businesses and sustainability by designing a modern zero-waste book cafe.
Ophelia Armoire: Redefining traditional storage with an open-air approach
Bueland Shampoo Starter Kit: This system aims to elevate the showering ritual into an oasis of relaxation and self-care through sustainable practices.

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