Ty Plassman

My design work is an extension of myself. I specialize in creating clean, sleek, and contemporary products. By merging my background in fine arts and graphic design with industrial design, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to each project. As a designer, I focus on furniture, fixtures, appliances, home goods, and branding.


Liberty Hardware




Ty’s Work  ↓

Tension - A floor lamp designed with a light source flowing throughout the form, creating an ambience of light in its environment.
Polaroid Toast - A toaster that takes captured moments of life into an edible form. Images can be created onto the bread, creating an immersive and fun experience for the user.
Kascade - A modern bathroom faucet and sink set that incorporates a self rinsing feature.
ZEAL - The condom packaging features distinct textures for easy identification, a discreet and sleek outer casing, and a hexagonal shape symbolizing protection.

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