Chloe Pi

Hi I'm Chloe! As a (primarily) footwear designer, I thrive on the intersection of creativity and practicality, infusing each design with a playful charm while never compromising on performance and functionality. In my design process, I aim to do just that while bringing my background in athletics and passion for self-expression into the mix. Through my designs, I hope to push the bounds of innovation while sparking joy and curiosity to the viewer. 


Deckers Brands (Ugg) x2
Ripple Junction
Deckers Brands (Ahnu)




Chloe’s Work  ↓

Liftoff - A lifting brand with two main goals of 1) addressing the current functional painpoints of shoes being worn for lifting by intermediate lifters and 2) creating a more fun, inviting, and vibrant gym environment open to all.
Weco Weights - Weights designed to allow people to weightlift at home affordably, done during the height of the Pandemic when gyms were closed. 
Ugg CO-OP - The Lanni Clog - A style I designed and went to market during my CO-OP at Ugg.
Hydrapack - A hydration pack designed under Baboon to the Moon, for festival goers. Aimed to address issues with security.

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