Tian Pakko

Heyo! I’m Tian. Throughout my life, I’ve found myself perpetually investigating the balance between beauty, and utility (or rather, “beautility” as I refer to it). Today, I am on the lookout for innovative interactions and objects and experiences that make people feel things. First and foremost- I am driven by my futurist mindset, a passion for sustainability, and an innate ability to adapt. I believe that great design not only captivates visually but also makes everyday interactions more delightful and efficient and I strive to create products with the intention of encouraging connection and conversation. Some of my interests include: furniture and lighting, CMF, lifestyle, soft goods, footwear, and mobility interiors.


Frontgate x2




Tian’s Work  ↓

SteelVelvet: A chair and ottoman set that explores the contrast of soft and hard through unique material manipulation and application
Bent Laminated Veneer Table: Mahogany, Nogal, Maple, and Goncalo Alves combine in a radial matched veneer tabletop
Ophidian: Hearing aids for those seeking to flaunt their style through trending tech-cessory aesthetics
GRAFIC: A subversive ballet flat inspired by punk subcultures. Alternative fashion is timeless!

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