John McGuan  

Hello! I'm John McGuan and I'm a jack of all trades designer, 15 year musician, lifelong car enthusiast, and automotive aftermarket fanatic. In designing, I focus on keeping my ideas creative and practical to make products that are unique and accessable for customers. Over my years at UC and at Co-Ops, I've been able to learn many things about industrial design, graphic design, manufacturing, engineering, and I hope I can continue to learn many new things as I enter the workforce. 


Bald Mountain Rustics
Remote Vans
Rover Vans x2




John’s Work  ↓

After having difficulties with previous roof racks, Coachmen reached out to my Co-op Rover Vans to design and build a new roof rack for their ProMaster Nova line. Coachmen ordered 50 roof racks with more expected each year.

This hitch step is another product I designed at Rover Vans. This product is for use on a Mercedes Sprinter, allowing a lower step for people to access the back doors of their van while still giving enough room to use the hitch. This product was recently released to great success!
In this project, I created a hydralic handbrake made for drifting enthusiasts. With an offset handle, this gives enthusiasts more options and flexibility in mounting the handbrake in the car.
Along with industrial design, I also enjoy graphic design. During my time at Bilstein, I honed my skills by making advertisements, flyers, and car wraps. Currently I do graphic design for fun, making flyers for local Cincinnati bands.

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