Dwight Maxwell  

I am a lover of manatees, washing machines, and immersive storytelling. I like to view design through the lense of marketing and worldbuilding, I'm a visionary with big ideas and the skills to back them up. 


Chamberlain Group x2
Procter and Gamble x2
Evolve Collaborative




Dwight’s Work  ↓

HIVE is a washer-dryer combo that's designed for compact spaces. It has an area to store a collapsible laundry basket and a built-in drawer for extra storage.
The PWFPAB-2 is an appliance concept visualizing what it would look like if SMEG were to release a portable washing machine.
I did some consultancy work for IonSure, a company making germ repellent, and redesigned their packaging to improve shelf presence.
Cliq is a ratcheting combination wrench with compact detachable sockets that make it easier to ratchet in smaller areas.

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