Logan Matson  

To designers, engineers, artists, scientists, and executives: I am a designer who can collaborate with anyone, that can understand physics, business, and manufacturing as confidently as aesthetics and craftmanship, because my background before college, my Co-op experiences, my resources and environment, and my insatiable curiosity have allowed me to wear whatever hat the situation demands. 


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Logan’s Work  ↓

Legacy is my capstone project: An heirloom dining table inspired by my heritage, and designed for generations to come. Adjustable sizing, classic construction, and timeless style mark the design.
Utility is a project where I redesigned an Ethicon surgical multitool to incorporate induction charging to eliminate a complex and potentially dangerous task.
Prosthetics have been a large part of my design career. I've built multiple, for athletes and children alike. You can see them on my website.
Ample served to combat food insecurity through cooking literacy. It took a systems approach that combined with product design to address a complex and nuanced issue

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