Quinn Matava  

Hi, I'm Quinn. My design process revolves around human centric problem solving. Reimagining the future of mobility services, transportation and how we interface with products. I love the collaborative studio environment with designers who share my passion for problem solving and taking our projects to market. I've had the unique opportunity to design and work in different industries over my past coop experiences, ranging from the automotive industry to the sporting goods industry and design consulting.  


Cascade Maverik
Crown Equipment
Formation Design Group




Quinn’s Work  ↓

The Crown XAV Racer highlights the Crown Equipment brand and innovative technology, such as Gena outside of the material handling industry through Roborace events.
The Cover Security System is a risk prevention system that aids security and paramedic teams working at large scale, outdoor music venues. 
The Skylink Urban Mobility Hub aims to rethink the use of micromobility in Cincinnati. The hub offfers mobility services, the gondola system and small ground units as well as a common space for commerce.
The Air Assist is a pneumatic nailgun designed for roofers and framers. The auxilary airtank allows for safer nailing on high roofs and more maneuverability for framers in tight spaces. 

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