Fredrik Lyon  

I'm a self-described multidisciplinary spatial and visual designer with a background in Fine Arts and Fashion. Exploring things that don't come naturally to me and new trends drive my passions for design; however, the people surrounding me drive my passions for life. So what's next?  


Invisible North x2
Giant Spoon
Milwaukee Tool




Fredrik’s Work  ↓

Apple Pavilion 
A brand experience focused around Apple's global impact in the live music space to reignite interest in the format and encourage a healthier cyclical relationship between the brand, artist, and listener.
Ambush & Obake 
Generative IDs enabling the suppressed youth of Tokyo, 2040 to establish unique riding personas under AMBUSH Design’s lens.

A series of carbon negative experiences for Birkenstock celebrating their IPO with the entirety of New York City.
Suzuki Supersport 
Reflecting Generation Alpha's sentiment about societal constraints and pent-up emotions, the Suzuki Supersport lashes out alongside the youth of Tokyo, Japan 2040.

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