Joey Lopane  

I have a passion for Innovative storytelling through toys, games, and interactive exhibits. I love to create memories for children and families through the use of entertaining and engaging designs. I strive to create enriching moments for kids to boost creativity and to most importantly have fun! 


Kadant Black Clawson 
JRA x2
Bang Zoom Design




Joey’s Work  ↓

Crystal Kingdom
A concept expansion to Kings Island focused on bringing to life the secret world of Prismara through the use of rides, shops, dining, and retail.
Creative Creatures
A simple creative toy to engage kids imagination and increase biofilia for animals of the American Wilderness.
High Class Trash
A game about hightailed hiests and greedy racoons. In this 2-4 player game, you face off against other racoons to steal the most valuble trash to place in your gallery.
RIDGID Palm Nailer
An eletric solution to normal air compressed palm nailers with the brand overlay of RIDGID

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