Claire Lillard  

With a passion for sustainability and creative problem-solving, I find inspiration in interactions with people and the world around me. I perceive the world as a constantly evolving space, offering opportunities for growth and learning (or to just sit there, stare into the abyss, and observe).  


Day Owl
Itoya Topdrawer
The Hillman Group




Claire’s Work  ↓

The Weekender is a modern weekender bag designed with the simple and sustainable traveler in mind.
Take a step into the future with Halo, an interactive and circular footwear community. With a durable lifestyle shoe, users can stay in style in every environment, and keep in touch with the shoes roots. 
The Day Owl Circle is a deep dive into the Day Owl brand and community with the ultimate goal to streamline brand systems and increase engagement.
Play to be remembered in Nike Victory, the smart soccer cleat. Nike Victory aims to lower injury and increase performance by utilizing wearable technology and a connected app interface.

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