Hannah Karp  

As a footwear and softgoods designer, I am driven by curiosity and a passion for creation. My goal is to improve the lives of the people I design for, creating innovative solutions for complicated problems that allow people to express themselves freely.   


Priority Designs 
Acco Brands 
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein x2 (first + second co-op) 




Hannah’s Work  ↓

Reimagining the Merrell Waterpro Miapo to better suit a younger, experience seeker demographic. Shoe takes inspiration fromcurrent franchise while aiming to improve versatility and function.
Trek is a hiking boot designed to prevent ankle injury. The shoe aims to bring attention to the lack of hiking products that Nike has and propose a solution for it. 
Personalize Pouch is a customizable pencil pouch that helps kids with organization and self-expression.
Eco is a sustainable and injury-preventative running shoe designed for all runners, no matter their experience. The product is focused on inclusivity and sustainability awareness.

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