Madelynn Hicks  

Hello! My name is Madelynn Hicks and I am a designer and classically trained artist. I love design and have studied it here at DAAP as well as abroad at Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. I most enjoy working on projects related to graphics and packaging, soft-goods, and branding. Designing colorful and fun aesthetic creations is my passion. In my free time, I love to work on projects at my fiber arts studio here in Cincinnati!   


South Bend Woodworks
Ripple Junction




Madelynn’s Work  ↓

Designing a campaign that creates a fun way to package and experience sharing 2 mini coke cans. The packaging focuses on creating connections and a way to reuse and recycle the materials after initial use.
What if your favorite on screen products were real? In these projects, I designed packaging concepts for iconic on screen props. I also developed the branding materials to advertise the products if they were actually being sold on the market.
An exploration into soft-goods furniture utilizing rescued fabric. Using the crazy quilting technique to create fabric that is then cut into the desired shapes and strategically sewn together to create a loveseat for reading, cuddling, napping and more.
This project focuses on designing a preorder app that meaningfully connects fans and artists on a fun and visually appealing platform. 

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