Isa Herrada  

Hi! I'm Isa--a non-tradition designer passionate about experiential and discursive design. I love to create unique immersive experiences and discursive "art objects". Creatively, I am also very passionate about fiber arts, whether thats crochet, weaving, knitting, or sewing. Outside of my design practice, I am very committed to being a proud advocate from the Hispanic-American community, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.   


Eurostampa North America x2
Giant Spoon 
Team Epiphany
1819 Groundfloor Makerspace




Isa’s Work  ↓

An experimental knit couch made of a single scaled fiber woven into itself.
A stand-alone sunshade for two designed to play with shadows and light. This piece was a part of the Section001 Studio for Washington Park. 
a gif of the shadows moving as the wind sways the shade. 
A branded reflection booth designed while working at Team Epiphany for the Hulu Unprisoned premiere party.

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