Virginia Hauberg  

Hello! I'm Virginia and I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for creating products and experiences for underrepresented communities. My journey in d/Deaf Studies and Industrial Design revealed the dire need to create products for disabled communities Being inspired by my non-design courses, I am eager to continuously learn from underrepresented perspectives.   


South Bend Woodworks
Shorr Packaging Corporation x2




Virginia’s Work  ↓

Line of Merrell hiking boots inspired by national parks.
Giving users a peace of mind with the use of a self dense tool while keeping the user safe while using. 
Cyclist Safety gives the user an extra step of safety, primarily at night with a 360° light integrated into the helmet.
The d/Deaf Experience gives hearing people a glimpse into how it might be to live as a d/Deaf person in a primilarily hearing world. 

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