Koll Hastings  

Hi, I'm Koll! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my designs come to life at the end of the process, both physically and visually, and adding value to a person's day-to-day life. From making single physical artifacts by hand to full-scale productions of thousands of pieces, I approach each project with the same passion, values, and attention to detail.   


Nottingham Spirk
The James Brand x2
Shorr Packaging Corp




Koll’s Work  ↓

Oasis, the self watering plant pot. The objective was to create a brand and physical product and sell a batch during an event at the end of the semester.
The Wave Bottle. A smart-water bottle and app, meant to assist users in cultivating a habit of healthy hydration throughout the day.
DeWalt Balance. A redesign of the DeWalt jigsaw to address current pain points and advance their VBL.
A snippet from an animation I made while co-oping at The James Brand, showing the functions of The Palmer.

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