Anastacia Hartinger  

I am a designer that loves hands-on work. From furniture to jewelry, I enjoy exploring all areas of design as I see every new opportunity as a way to learn and grow. I have a particular passion for the outdoors and finding meaning and stories in the simple things.   


Remote Vans
Force-4 Stress Engineering
SPA inc. A TRG company xN
Wittrock Architectural Woodworking




Anastacia’s Work  ↓

Ideation sketches for mushroom lamps. 
Down to Earth Jewelry is a unisex jewelry brand made for outdoor loving adventurers. Each piece feels unique to the user and can remind them of nature. 
A bedframe based on the brand THUMA. This bedframe is easy to set up and transport. It is low to the ground, comfortable, and sturdy. 
Brace for Impact is a wrist brace that helps sports players and their doctors stay aware of their activities. The built in technology and structure helps them keep informed to what they are doing and how it will impact them later. 

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