Alex Harrison  

I am an artist and designer. Having developed a background in fine art and fabrication, after working professionally in NYC for nearly a decade for various artists and design studios, my current interests lie within the sphere of furniture making, home goods/accessories/decor, and art objects. This exposure has led me to shift my focus more towards designing, prototyping, and making rather than just purely fulfilling contracted fabrication work. Moving forward, my creative practice intends to prioritize tactility within the design exploration process. I am particularly interested in merging the explorative and often playful nature of conceptual art with the minimalistic approach of contemporary design. 


Box Art
Uhuru Design
DAAP Build Lab
DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center
1819 Innovation Hub Makerspace
Orange Chair
1819 Innovation Hub Office of Innovation




Alex’s Work  ↓

Turf Arcs - A project commisioned by 3CDC to implement interactive furniture objects into Washington Park.
Window Display - A site specific, fake window installation with custom made stained glass, located in a stark and windowless basement office at the 1819 Innovation Hub.
Pilula Stool - A playful, multifunctional stool/step-up for the home that also takes on a sculptural life of its own when not in use.
Braun Trimmer - A more minimalist design of current Braun trimmers that pays homage to Dieter Rams original principles of design and aesthetics. 

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