Emmy Gentile  

Hi, I'm Emmy! I am an industrial designer whose lifelong goal has always been to help others through whatever means posssible. Through my work, I aim to make life more intuitive for users. I deeply enjoy learning new skills and software, and I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone if it means I get to further my knowledge!


Bilstein x2
Chamberlain Group




Emmy’s Work  ↓

Sneak peek of final capstone project, mental health wearable and app system that track user stress through biodata and offers preventative measures against mental health crises
Edge is a new form of mobility featuring an omnidirectional wheel designed to aid in the rapidly inflating transportation crisis in Shanghai 
Designed the removable and rechargeable batteries for BoxBot, a system of Amazon delivery robots
Genesis is a pencil sharpener for designers that won't break soft lead

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