Reeha Das

As a UX Designer, I am driven by a profound commitment to crafting meaningful healthcare experiences and advancing technology's accessibility and efficiency for all users. Through a focus on understanding core user problems and empathizing with diverse communities, I am dedicated to resolving complex challenges via thorough research. I bring with me an arsenal of adaptable knowledge and innovative thinking, enabling me to uncover insights that drive the optimization of digital products and foster impactful design solutions.


Dexcom x2
Philips Healthcare




Reeha’s Work  ↓

Incision AR is a medical learning program that helps medical students gain more hands on and in context training by immersing in Augmented Reality
Amazon Loop is an app that encourages users to adopt a circular economy system and sustainably use Amazon products to build a community of eco-conscious users.
Evia Period Tracker app allows women to personalize menstrual cycles to their hormonal birth control use and other health factors to accurately track periods. 
Eclipse is a two in one UVC wand that can be used to practice personal hygiene in public spaces

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