Hope Bridgers

I would not label myself as solely a designer. I like to make discursive art, work on music videos, creative direction, clothes, graphics, and a lot more I haven’t tried yet. My dream in life is to land a kickflip on skateboard one day because I never could as a kid. Hope you enjoy my work - no pun intended.


Factory 360
The North Face




Hope’s Work  ↓

outta tune by Collin Taylor - music video creative direction, visuals, videography, and editing
do you know what you're breathing? - sculptual design gas mask made from recycled plastic waste to bring awareness to microplastics in the air we breathe
The In-between - poster series on the stereotypes and boundaries associated with gender in everyday design
NO CAP - collection of remade shirts to combat capitalism in the fashion industry negatively impacting global health

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