Sarah Andrus

Design. Motivate. Excite. I'm a designer that gets people excited for life. I pay attention to small details to have a big impact on a consumer's expeience with a product. Whether it's furniture, homegoods, toys, or packagaing, there is always more meaning than what first meets the eye.


1819 Prototyping Lab
School Outfitters
Procter & Gamble x2




Sarah’s Work  ↓

Home furniture made from bar steel and cork. Modular cork pieces can be removed and used for multiple purposes.
FLIP is a reading light with a matching case.It's easy to take with you on the go without having to worry about it. Featured is a Keyshot rendering.
An Illustrator design and rendering of a an iron that is made to fit into Balmuda's brand. 
Toss Up is a portable outdoor yard game to play with family and friends. There are two gameplay options for two different games of fun! It's easy to pack up and go with it's unique storage and folding capabilities.

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