Noon Akathapon

I am an Industrial Designer who will go above and beyond to make the world suffer less through product design. With near-perfect ergonomics, the world will live in comfort.


DAAP Build Lab x 2
Remake Project




Noon’s Work  ↓

A Rotatable Desk Decor in a classroom that will help prevent Chronic Diseases by teaching students which easy-to-find food has which Vitamin (A|B|C|DE|K).
A grocery bag made from upcycling banner is designed to minimize waste with Circular Economy.
An angular stool made from Cheery wood is made to help people have their backs straighten.
A backpack that is going to be used in variety of places either outdoor or airport. This bag has a capacity to unzip fully allowing users to not have a back pain after sleeping on the floor in the airport.

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